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I Want It All: Lauren Moffatt


After discovering her on Gilt a couple years ago, season after season, I tend to be in love with almost every piece of Lauren Moffatt's collection.
This fall was no exception. I keep going back to her site hoping that something will be magically 75% off. It hasn't happened yet but these are the pieces I'm lusting after the most:
Lust-worthy plaid Jacket:

Grey & white stripes with a twist:
And, the grand finale, the most amazing navy cape, complete with perfect toggle buttons



Winter in Color

I'm a huge fan of coats and I always tend to gravitate towards them when fall clothes come out.
People seem to fall back on dark winter coats because the "go with everything" but why dull down your look when there are such fun colorful options.

I loved this look on gossip girl.

1 - The green is so fun!
2 - She has a cape :)



I can't seem to locate that cape (and I'm sure I couldn't afford it anyways) but I've picked out sum other fun winter options.


Some of the outerwear purchases I'm considering this year:




blog post #1

As an avid online consumer, I spend way to long browsing content, shops and magazines online. I too have personal opinions and ideas about the world and figured I should share them with the world.

Nothing groundbreaking. (Yet?)

However, I'm excited to take some time outside of my 9-5 to think about things that excite me and share my inspirations.

There it is.

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